How many times must your message penetrate a person’s mind to move them from a state of total apathy, which means they’ve never heard of your company to a state of purchase readiness, which means they want to buy what your company is selling?

The human mind must be penetrated nine times to move a person from total apathy to purchase readiness and that’s only the good news.

The bad news is that for every three times a person see/hears your message, they not going to be paying attention two of those times, so that means you’ve got to put the word out three times to penetrate a person’s mind.

What happens when you’ve penetrated a person’s mind once?


So now you’ve put out the word six times and you’ve penetrated their mind two times and something happens then. You know what it is? They see your message and:

  • They realize they’ve heard of you before.
  • They don’t know who you are,
  • Or what you do,
  • Or anything about you,
  • But they know they’ve heard of you before.

So now you’ve put the word out nine times and now you’ve penetrated their minds three times.

  • At this point they realize they’ve seen your marketing before
  • and they know that companies don’t continue marketing unless they’re pretty good companies that have confidence in what they’re doing.
  • Now they certainly not ready to buy from you yet, but they’re beginning to know that you exist.

So now you’ve put the word out twelve times and now you’ve penetrated their mind four times. And when this happens:

  • They start asking people about you.
  • They start looking around to find your name elsewhere to see if anybody else knows anything about you.
  • They still not nearly ready to buy.

Now you’ve put the word out fifteen times, you’ve penetrated their mind five times.

  • This is the time that they’re going to read every word in your ad
  • Or every word in your direct mail letter
  • Or talk to the person who is telemarketing to them if you offer a free brochure or mention a web site
  • This is when they’re going to request that brochure.
  • This is when they’re going to click on over to that web site.

Still they’re not ready to buy, not even near but you have penetrated their mind five times and you have started the momentum. Now most small business owners having put the word out fifteen times and not seeing that the world is beating a path to their door, they assume they are doing everything wrong.

They assume that everything they’re doing has gone down the wrong road, so they abandon what they’ve been doing. They start with a new marketing program. They select new marketing weapons. They use new media. They come up with a new marketing theme and what they’re doing is undermining everything they’ve done. They’ve done all the right things, but they are too impatient. They can’t hang in there long enough.

What they’ve got to do is stick with it because once you’ve put the word out eighteen times, then you’ve penetrated a person’s mind six times and this is where they begin to seriously think why they should buy your product. They begin to try to talk themselves into it, but they still not ready to buy.

So you’ve put the word out now 21 times, you’ve penetrated their minds seven times and this is when they decide:

  • Where will I get the money?
  • When will I make this purchase
  • And this is when they get very real and very concrete about the purchase decision they’re about to make.

Still they’re not ready. You are a Guerrilla because you understand that marketing is a process and not an event, you continue putting the word out through signs, through e-mails, ads, through direct mail, through your web site and now you’ve put the word out twenty-four times and you’ve penetrated their mind eight times. At this point, they check with whoever it is they have to check with before making this purchase decision. They’re still not ready to buy, but they are right on the threshold.

Finally, you’ve put the word out twenty-seven times. At this point:

  • you’ve penetrated their mind nine times
  • and they are ready to buy.
  • When they buy from you, they treat you as though you were an old friend.
  • You don’t know them from Adam or from Eve.
  • You have built up a sense of familiarity with them and they buy from you as though you are an old trusted friend.

This brings us to what you need to beĀ  successful: patience. How could a person without patience expect to live through this process of penetrating the human mind nine times?

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Source: Based On Jay Abraham’s Training Which I attended in 1994 | Jay is known as the Guerrilla Marketing Guru


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